CinderLouise: A Fairy Tale

Hi, everyone!

So, a few months ago I got a crazy idea that I couldn’t shake-

What if Cinderella was, well- normal?

I mean, so so many times, the Cinderella story is about this beautiful, perfectly lovely girl who is just PERFECT. You know, graceful, kind, a sweetheart- and besides a few cinders on her nose- gorgeous. And the only thing holding her down is a few ugly stepsisters!

But that’s not realistic at all. I mean, real TRUE love stories happen all the time between normal, average looking people- where are their fairy tales?

So I decided to write it.

CinderLouise is a short novel, soon to be available on kindle and in paperback about a happy, friendly, normal girl named Louise- and how she has her own Cinderella happily ever after.

It has some of the elements of a fairy tale- a far off kingdom, beautiful dresses and a golden ballroom- and a King looking for a bride- with touches of real life. Muddy feet and cattle escaping from pens- relatives who are hard to deal with and the reality of not being the belle of the ball.

And in the midst of it all, I tried to tell a love story about true love- what it looks like when you make a choice based on wisdom and good council, and how love can blossom even when you aren’t a princess.

If you’re looking for a fun, lighthearted read to sweep you off your feet this chilly winter, look no further! CinderLouise will be released January 25, 2020!

Click to order!

And as a little PS. I have a few more “fairy stories” in the works for later this year! Stay tuned!


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