CinderLouise: A Fairy Tale

Hi, everyone!

So, a few months ago I got a crazy idea that I couldn’t shake-

What if Cinderella was, well- normal?

I mean, so so many times, the Cinderella story is about this beautiful, perfectly lovely girl who is just PERFECT. You know, graceful, kind, a sweetheart- and besides a few cinders on her nose- gorgeous. And the only thing holding her down is a few ugly stepsisters!

But that’s not realistic at all. I mean, real TRUE love stories happen all the time between normal, average looking people- where are their fairy tales?

So I decided to write it.

CinderLouise is a short novel, soon to be available on kindle and in paperback about a happy, friendly, normal girl named Louise- and how she has her own Cinderella happily ever after.

It has some of the elements of a fairy tale- a far off kingdom, beautiful dresses and a golden ballroom- and a King looking for a bride- with touches of real life. Muddy feet and cattle escaping from pens- relatives who are hard to deal with and the reality of not being the belle of the ball.

And in the midst of it all, I tried to tell a love story about true love- what it looks like when you make a choice based on wisdom and good council, and how love can blossom even when you aren’t a princess.

If you’re looking for a fun, lighthearted read to sweep you off your feet this chilly winter, look no further! CinderLouise will be released January 25, 2020!

Click to order!

And as a little PS. I have a few more “fairy stories” in the works for later this year! Stay tuned!


Writer Mama. A short story.

Writer MamaIn the quiet hours, I open my eyes as if I’ve actually heard Seth say the words. I slip out of the sheets and steal down the hall. They all sleep, their sweaty hair matted to their heads. I pull the doors almost shut as I pass, not willing to actually click them for fear the tiny noise will rouse them. I know just what he will say before he dies.

I want to get my numbers in, my words, my goal. I have the whole next three chapters in my mind, waiting, like actors outside the curtain, itching to say their lines.

But the clock hands move faster than my fingers can type. Marina won’t murder Seth today. Faith is at my side, sucking her thumb and shoving her empty sippy cup at me. I hover my fingers over the keyboard but Marina isn’t done arguing with her father and she still has to find the knife.

I should start the coffee.

The day goes on, the hours pass. I do the laundry and pay the bills. Around three, I think of Seth’s last words again… but I can’t remember exactly how they went. I turn the computer on to try to flesh them out, but Joey comes running in with a bloody knee. When I’ve put the bandages away, Heather needs help with her math.

After dinner, Mike wants me to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie.

It’s getting late.

I watch the clock, I want to sleep. If I don’t go to bed now, I’ll miss my morning alarm.

“Whatsa matter?” Mike says, pulling me closer. “The kids are sleeping, it’s fine.” 

The next morning I slide out from under his arm, my eyes heavy. I rush to the computer and open the document.

Marina grabs the knife, plunges it into his chest, but there is only silence.