Free Vacation Bible School Curriculum!

Free Vacation Bible School Curriculum!
Free VBS Curriculum!

If you’re in the position to minister to children, I’d love to give you something.

This 5 day free VBS curriculum teaches children from all backgrounds the story of creation, sin, and redemption, bringing the good news of the Cross into focus in a simple allegory that they can all understand.

I believe there is a gap in learning in so many of our children, primarily because our nation has moved to being largely un-churched. Where in years past, most everyone had spent their Sundays learning the story of the bible and our good God, and understood sin and Christ’s work through years of teaching, many young people today don’t have that learning or knowledge. They don’t have the background narrative. They hear the words “cross,” and “Christ,” and “salvation,” and “sin,” but they don’t have a reference. It doesn’t make sense.

They don’t understand where we come from- they don’t understand the sovereignty of God, they don’t understand the gravity of their sin and so the wonderful work of salvation that Christ did is not recognized as the amazing gift that it is.

That’s where this story comes in.

In five days, with joyful, welcoming, and yet solemn words, the story of the Gospel -from the beginning- is laid out clearly for children and all listeners.

Drawing on the five colors of the wordless book, the allegory of the King and the Kingdom illustrates simply Creation, The Fall, the Ministry of Christ, the Crucifiction, the Message of Salvation, and the call to grow in Christ.

With games, crafts, decorations, and even snacks to cement the message, and the Word of God proclaimed through memory verses and songs, I pray that this curriculum will be a catalyst for revival in your church.

The free vacation bible school curriculum is organized in sections. Feel free to use the drama alone for ministry.

This is a free resource.

I am especially honored to release it for small groups, as I’ve seen first hand the struggle it is to lead groups on a tight budget.

Here’s the no-strings-attached link to the freee VBS curriculum!:


You may print on demand any of the curriculum you need. IF YOU WANT TO EDIT IT, click here for help: How to edit and share google docs

I hope that this is a useful resource for you and that it blesses the children that you minister to with your program. I’d love messages or photos of your group using it!

If you know of any groups who might like this curriculum, please pin the image below or share the link. God bless you!


Brianna Siegrist

Free Vacation Bible School Curriculum
Free Vacation Bible School Curriculum

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