Why is it so hard to use curriculum? Does anyone else have this problem? I mean, I love teaching. I love teaching kids, I love teaching adults, I love teaching art and bible and writing and music- basically I love to teach everything I love, because sharing what I’m passionate about it is SO MUCH FUN.

But for the last, well, for a long time now, I’ve noticed that whenever I’m given a curriculum, I feel like most of my time is spent struggling with making the curriculum work for my class- the curriculum feels like an unnecessary burden that I’m saddled with.

I feel as if curriculum is like Saul’s armor that got piled on David before he went to fight Goliath, and I do the best when I’m allowed to shrug it off and use my own tools.

The thing is- I think that if we are teaching, it should be out of our own abundance. If I’m teaching guitar, it should be because I KNOW guitar! If I’m teaching ballet, I should be an excellent dancer!

And honestly, if I’m teaching about the Lord- it should be because I know the Lord. What He fills me up with should overflow to my students.

The greatest classes that I have taught, the ones that have felt to me had the most fruit and life in them, were the ones where we didn’t use a book or video series. They were the ones where I prayed for my students beforehand, studied the scriptures on my own, and pressed in for what I truly believed the Spirit wanted the students to learn that week. I would go to class and feel just FULL UP of good for them- the good news.

And part of it is that I wonder how much is just that I like to teach, and write, and create things like lessons- and other people maybe aren’t gifted that way- or how much of it is that there are lots of people who are lassoed into teaching, when they aren’t, well, supposed to be teaching? I don’t know if I’m making any sense.

I have a lot of thoughts about this subject, but some of it touches on some big subjects that feel taboo. Things like control in the church, and putting our trust in men and their opinion.

Things like- insecurity about our own faith, our own experience and belief- and also things like- Why we are so scared to let church experiences be spiritual? Why are they so cerebral?

I want to begin to have this conversation- but I don’t know who else wants to have it. Maybe I feel this way, but I am a total weirdo!

So I guess I’ll just start with this question:

How do you feel about curriculum in church? Have you ever used any that you just love? What makes a good curriculum to you?


  1. I am eagerly awaiting the answer to what others love for Bible curriculum. I always feel so let down or disappointed by it all. Guess I am a weirdo too then, Brianna.

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  2. There have been a few times when curriculum helped me. These were times when the subject matter was outside my knowledge and ability. I see it as if a person’s knowledge and/or skill set surpasses what a curriculum provides, it can be irrelevent. On the other hand, a curriculum might be much simpler because its directed at the students level of knowledge not the teachers….and now I have a whole lot more thoughts…what say ye?

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  3. I just realized that this is focused on Bible curriculum, correct? I was thinking more generalized including general school subjects. But I think my comment still applies to Biblical curriculum.

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