Noelle: a Christmas Story – an audiobook!

Hey, everyone! I am super excited to tell you that my Christmas novela, Noelle, is available on Audible as an audiobook!

If you’re looking for a sweet Christmas story to listen to this week, this might be the one for you!

Noelle is a dancer at a ballet company in New York. She has a tidy life that is right on track – she’s up for promotion and the biggest role of her life. But as she prepares for the annual production of A Christmas Carol, her mother suddenly crashes the party. 

Barb is bohemian, bossy, and has just had surgery, and that means she can’t live alone for a few weeks. Will their tiny apartment be able to hold two strong personalities? 

Escape into the world of plies, tutus, and the giant tree at Rockefeller Center. Come dance with Noelle: A Christmas Story.

It’s also available in paperback and on kindle!

Merry Christmas!

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