One Month!

Hi! Okay, here I am!

Someone asked me this week how my “sugar thing” was going and I told them- “Good, bad, I would give myself a solid D+. Ha!

The truth is that I’m trying! I definitely making a lot of consistently better choices- whole grains, veggies, etc.

But I haven’t been perfect. I was gone for a family funeral for a week and I just sorta “paused,” and then when I got back I tried to pick it up again and it’s honestly, a lot of work and not a lot of fun! It’s hard to figure out what to eat! It’s hard to say no to a box of donuts that someone brings home. It’s hard. And I haven’t been that good at it.

But after I told my friend my “grade,” I went to the Lord to ask him- would he give me the same grade?

He told me he grades in pass/fail. He doesn’t give a score. It’s either- I’m coming after him or I’m not.

And honestly, I am. In fits and starts, like a little kid trying to walk but falling down, I’m coming. And you know what? I was feeling a bit ashamed about my “fits and starts” but the Lord is not a God of shame! He rejoices over my efforts and sees where I am, and how I long to walk in a way that pleases Him, and he encourages me- the way a Dad would encourage their baby to get up and walk again.

You guys, I have no idea why God is so good to me. Honestly, my whole life has been this pattern of- I fail, I feel ashamed, after a period of time I come back to the Lord- and He’s merciful and kind to me! And yet every single time I fail, I forget that for awhile and have this idea that… uh-oh. This is the time. This time God is going to really give it to me.

But he never does! He’s always gentle, reminding me that He doesn’t condemn me, dusting me off and cleaning me up and loving me- calling me ridiculously kind things like his child, beloved, and righteous. What!

With joy and gladness, he sets me back on my feet and says: “You can do this.”

Isn’t He the best?

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  1. not bad at all Brianna – old habits die hard – having times of success in between what you consider failures, means you are moving forward…not stagnant…not regressing. As you continue on this journey you will find the times of “success” stretching longer & longer and one day you will look back and see they have overtaken the times of “not-success.”

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