One week later!

Hi, guys! Hey!

So, it’s been a whole week! And I have done really well!

Truthfully, it was soooo nice having posted that, because so many people commented and messaged me for the first few days, it really kept me motivated! So if that was you, THANK YOU!

I did hit a mini crash about 3 days in- just felt irritable and hangry. But I managed to not kill anyone and we all survived.

Then about 5 days in, I was kinda bored of it- I mean, it’s no fun figuring out a different meal for yourself when the rest of the house is having spaghetti! But I didn’t go off plan!

Then on day 6, Giselle made fresh bread, and… ugh, it looked so good. I had been doing so well, and there weren’t many options in our house, and I… walked by it several hundred times. Then I cut a slice. And buttered it. And then I put some of our fancy honey on it.

And I looked at that warm, golden, glistening bit of yummy, and just…

Ugh. Knew. I KNEW it was a complete sin.

I mean okay! I’m not one that wants to heap rules on things! I have no intention of becoming Amish or orthodox!!! And I am NOT saying that piece of bread was inherently sinful and no one should eat carbs of gluten.

But you know that Romans chapter 14 talks about how we shouldn’t condemn other people for their faith choices- but we should each obey what the Spirit is prompting us. Well, I knew that the Lord had told me no, and I was just… disobeying. Because it looked so good. And the Lord is so merciful, right?

Well, I couldn’t do it. The Spirit was so present to me at that moment- I couldn’t. I walked over and handed it to Eric, and he vacuumed it up for me pretty quickly.

Maybe that’s the key. Maybe obedience is less about remembering and muscling through- than about having such an intimate relationship with God that you never feel like he’s far off. He’s right before you, and you love to please Him, and hate to grieve him.

I’m so thankful to have a whole week under my belt!! I’m so excited about what the Lord is going to do in the future! And already the Lord used last week’s blog post to connect me to several people in ways I didn’t expect! He truly does take what the enemy meant for evil, and uses it for my good!

This week, I have a prayer meeting at my house. If you have a prayer need, if you have something in your life that feels like a stronghold you want victory for, message me and I’ll be praying! I truly believe the message of the gospel is that we are meant to be free! Members of a kingdom where we are no longer slaves to sin! I want to walk in that, and I want that for everyone else, too!




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