Giveaway Winner!

Thank you so much to everyone who shared the giveaway and spread the word about our new book!!

I am really so thankful to each one of you for supporting Natasha and I.

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Yay! I hope you like our book, and that it really blesses you and your grandkiddies. Love you!

Christmas Advent Adventure
Christmas! The whole story of the God who loves.

If you didn’t win, I’m sorry. I hope you are interested enough in our book that you’ll check it out for yourself! You can order it with any of these buttons…


Hey! Before you go...

If you’re a friend to either Natasha or I, we could use some help! You see, we created this book with the goal of making the whole story of the Bible accessible to young people, and I think it really is.

But in order to spread the good news of the God who loves US to children, we need people to spread the book!

Would you mind taking a moment to share the word of this book to people in your circle?

If you don’t know how, don’t worry! I do!


  1. Pray for us! I think this is the best one you could do. I really covet your prayers! Would you take a minute, right now, and pray that this book reaches children with the gospel? I am so thankful for the opportunity to work on this, and my heart is that it will be used to effect the kingdom far beyond our knowing. Thanks.
  2. Share the link to the book on facebook with a personal recommendation. Use this link: (
  3. Request this book from your local library! Did you know the librarians order new books all the time? Most keep a list of “requested books.”  If it gets ordered, then it will be in circulation to every mom who comes in during the Christmas season for years!
  4. Take your copy of the book to church, bible study, or a playdate and recommend it to other moms there.
  5. Have your kids do a “Reading Rainbow” style book commercial and post it on youtube! 
  6. Post an “ussie” of you and your kids reading it to instagram and hashtag ‪#‎WholeStoryOfChristmas‬
  7. Leave a great review on Amazon!
  8. Have the book around when you host Thanksgiving and tell all your sister-in-laws! Maybe read a few pages to your neices and nephews while everyone is sitting around after the turkey is done. 🙂
  9. Pin an image like this one below to a Christmas board on pinterest! #advent #christmas #devotions
  10. Order a copy to put in your church library!
  11. Call a friend and ask her if she does anything for advent… and then tell her about this book! 
  12. Share a blog post about it… Like THIS fun post from Jessica Lawton at, where she even gives a printable of handmotions that go along with each day!
  13. Give a copy to your child’s teacher!
  14. Add the book to your goodreads list and leave us a good review!
  15. If you are a blogger, post an image like this in your sidebar and link to Natasha’s page.1908052_10153731723425628_1236708763841907626_n
  16. Tweet one of your favorite quotes from the book! Don’t forget to use the hashtag ‪#‎WholeStoryOfChristmas‬
  17. Write a blog post about your favorite way to get ready for Christmas, and include this book! 
  18. Put this book on your amazon wishlist for Christmas, if you haven’t already bought it yourself.
  19. Mention this book in a group online that you frequent. Be sure to share the link!
  20. Send a copy to your grandkids… and include pre-christmas cookies. They’ll love it .
  21. Email your friends and family and tell them why their kids really need this book!
  22. Post the link on your church facebook group with three reasons why you recommend it!
  23. Give a copy to your Starbucks barista and tell her Merry Christmas and that you’re thankful for how she swirled your whip cream in your plain red cup. 😉
  24. Get a copy for each of your kids and put it away for when they have their own families.
  25. But lastly, and most important… Gather your kids around, read it to them, and read it to yourself. Remember that the story of the God who loves us isn’t just for kids, It’s for you. Because if you want to remember that God has written the story, that you can trust Him- that really great things happen when God speaks, this book is just right for you this Christmas. 

Thank you so much for anything that you do, I really appreciate you.



Christmas Advent Adventure
Christmas! The whole story of the God who loves.


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