Amazon & Eschatology.

Have you ever thought to yourself that with the advent of cards, debit or credit, or otherwise, there could easily come a day when we use no cash, coin, or checks at all?

Well, here’s another step in that direction.

So, Amazon has opened an actual store! It’s (surprise) a book store. But it’s not really about the books.


It’s really more of an experiment, as far as stores go. You see, in this store, the prices fluctuate, and you can only know the price of the item by scanning it with your smart phone.

Don’t worry, at the moment if you’re too square to have one, the store associate will do it for you. And it’s so handy- you already have an amazon account, and so it’s so useful to look the item up on your phone and see all the reviews, comparable items, and details. And of course, all your payment information is already entered! Wow, so convenient.

It’s just so cool that we can finally envision a future where no one can buy or sell without having the mark.


Read more in this article on Forbes, it’s actually very interesting. Although they don’t reference John’s revelation.


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