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For the past few months, whenever I get a free moment, I’ve been working on the biggest illustration project I’ve ever done- and I’m so excited to say that as of yesterday, I’ve got it done!

I’m so pleased to tell you that the project I hinted about is finally on the road to being released!

It’s simply titled, Christmas!, and it’s a 25 day journey for children and families from Creation to the Cross, and beyond. In beautiful but simple words, the author Natasha Metzler lays out the wonderful story of Christmas- the whole story.

#advent #christmas #devotions

I firmly believe that the whole story of redemption begins, not with a baby born in a stable, but with the first words of Genesis. And while generations past may have been steeped in that narrative, modern children often know the history of My Little Pony or Star Wars before they can put the Biblical history together with any accuracy.

The story of the cross, of the Savior, of the Hope we have, can seem strange and mythical to a young mind that doesn’t understand sin or creation- has no context of a fallen creation to put a Redeemer in… But this story is an answer to that.

Instead of haphazardly present the major bible characters, it travels through the Old Testament towards the Christ deliberately stopping along the way to focus on stories that foretell the coming One.

I’m looking forward to it’s release, in time for Christmas, and I hope you enjoy it with your family this year- mostly I hope it will be a bit of unveiling of the Truth for you and your children, and hopefully many more to come.

To read more about the project on the author’s page, just click on this image.#advent #christmas

And you can also read this lovely introduction and background from her, as well. She is originally the author of a book for women facing infertility, titled Pain Redeemed. 


The book will be available in hard cover, more details to come.

Brianna Siegrist


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