The Next Chef

The Next Chef- inspirational fiction set on a cooking show!

The Next Chef- inspirational fiction set on a cooking show!

Like most people- I’ve always wanted to write a novel. But while I’ve written lots of stories and poems and articles, finishing a novel eluded me for years.

When I was 32, newly moved to a country setting where I didn’t know anyone, I spent a summer folding laundry in front of “Masterchef.” It was fun. I’m not really particularly into cooking, but the different aspects of culinary arts were fascinating- as was the drama.

I started thinking about the judges on these reality talent shows. It was interesting to me that so often there is one really “mean” judge that’s rough on everyone.

And I had an idea.

What about a novel that followed the season of a cooking competition show- where the meanest judge fell for the nicest girl? I could picture it all… a curly haired, dimple faced nobody girl rising to stardom in the glitzy world of Hollywood- and the dark-eyed, intimidating, complicated judge falling for her against his will!

It was so fun in my head, I had to start writing.

It was fun to be urged along by the television schedule. My characters were constantly driven along by the pace of filming and competing and elimination… And meanwhile, I had so much fun researching all these new aspects of gourmet food I had never experienced! In addition to the fun of inventing ways for the judges to torture their contestants.

As I neared the end of the book, I was astonished to find that I blew right by my 60k word goal. (Not that short isn’t sweet.) But having begun so many novels that never reached 20k, I was delighted that this story kept my focus and motivation right up to the end.

But you know what? Above all the noise of the lights and cameras and sizzling pans, a deeper story rang out… I found myself telling something that meant much more- that we can trust the Lord whichever way he leads us- that He is good, and He has good plans for us.

If you need to hear that today- or if you just would love to vicariously experience the thrill of a reality cooking competition- You can pick up The Next Chef on kindle, right now!


I am working on a paperback version… Well, my editor Natasha is. 😉

And you know what? The amazing experience it was writing that has encouraged me in other writing projects, too! I’ve finished two other mini-novels, too, and soon I’m hoping they’ll be available.

See ya later!

God bless you.


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  1. Isn’t that something, what happens when the Muse strikes? (I wrote a short story about my novel-writing experience here:

    My son is a classically trained chef, and sometimes we watch cooking shows together, although I don’t care to watch cooking competitions because of the nastiness and the wastefulness. But your book has a fun premise for a romance, and the research you put into it sounds interesting. I’ve put it on my TBR for when it comes out on paper.

    It’s “Sneak Peek Week” on my blog, and you’re welcome to post a link to your book’s preview in the Comments section of my Sneak Peek post. This is a “sticky” post that stays at the top of my blog landing page for a week every month, so book links will get repeat exposure.

    Best wishes for a successful novelist career.

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