The Christmas Book

…The Whole Story of the God who Loves.

Christmas! is an advent storybook that makes it simple and fun to share the Gospel with the ones you love.


With engaging 1-minute stories arranged in 25 days leading up to Christmas, you can let the children you love know the TRUTH- that the Christmas story is the story of the God who loves us.


This book begins with Creation, laying the foundation of an awesome God who Loves us, and then weaves its way through the Old testament, touching on the symbols laid through history of the Creator, the Created, Sin, The Promise, and the Snake-Killer who came to rescue us all.


Shepherds (1).jpg

As Christmas grows closer, the story unfolds in a fresh, exciting way- showing how God’s
promised Savior was truly a gift for all of us.



This is the Perfect tool you need for everything you want to do this Christmas:

  • Easily teach your children the WHOLE story- from Creation to the Cross and beyond, in language that can be understood and loved by all, from the littlest to the oldest.


  • Count down to Christmas in a family-friendly way that focuses everyone’s hearts on the true reason for the season. Not candy and toys, but Truth, Hope, and the Light of the World.



  • Give a meaningful, lasting gift, no batteries required, that lets everyone on your list hear what you’d really like to say- in a season-appropriate and gentle way.


This book is short, sweet, and shares some of my favorite Bible stories. The story itself will only take a few minutes, but I bet your littles will want to talk about how amazing God is afterwards. That is my favorite part.” Jessica Lawton at Edsnapshots.

Don’t let another year go by without doing what you can to reach your family for Christ.

If you buy just one book for Advent this year, make it this one. There’s something very special about the way that Christmas! tells the old, old story, making it come back to life and feel very real and personal again.” Chantel Brankshire.

Christmas Advent Adventure

“… How shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard?”

This might just be the exact thing you’ve been looking for- an easy, fun way to point your loved ones to Christ. You can buy it easily at any of these retailers: amazon_buttonbnn_buttoncbd_button

…or cut out the middle man and order directly from the publisher, Olive Press.

(That could be your Christmas gift to me! haha.)


I hope this book blesses you and your loved ones this Christmas.

Love, Brianna.

Merry Christmas!

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