Encounter School

Hi, friends! Hey!

I wanted to tell everyone about this cool opportunity for young people.

Some of you may know that last year, my kids were gone for about a month each. They were gone to stay with our good friends Matt and Leticia Zehr at Restoration House. Restoration house is a former school building that is now a home with a lot of bedrooms and meeting rooms and a gym! ha. They use it for lots of ministry reasons.

One of the ministries that they do is Encounter School. The idea is that young people come for about a month and live in community and spend a concentrated time being discipled and mentored in the Word with the express purpose of having a life changing purposeful Encounter with God. It’s kind of like what I remember my camp experience being when I was a teen- only it lasts longer, and they can go deeper in study and relationship than you can in a week. (Also, you have to do chores, which camp doesn’t always have. ha!)

My kids really really loved it. They had a lot of fun, did a lot of worship, were stretched and encouraged, and in about a week, the twins are going back for their second time!

I’m posting this because I know it would be so beneficial to any young person. The time we spend going to the mountaintop to seek the Lord can put us on a good direction for years. If you have a young person in your life (teen or young adult) who you think would benefit from this, please share this post with them! I highly recommend this experience.

The next session is March 7-April 1st.

For more info, contact Restoration House or click here:


PS I would be amiss to not mention how much of the work is done by staff Alexia Zehr and Melika Zehr!

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