Dear Christian Nationalist Friend

(Okay, maybe that title is abrasive. But hear me out.)

I sincerely believe that we have “one body, one Spirit, one hope” as it says in Ephesians. 

I also believe that we have One Lord, One God and Father- and He has a unique and perfect perspective of every issue on earth- the Truth.

And I know that many times, we disagree on what that truth is. 

I love the Lord, and I try to hold my opinions in light of the scripture and in light of my knowledge of who the Spirit is, and what he’s doing in our generation and in our nation. And that puts me squarely NOT a Christian Nationalist.

And honestly? I know that means that you probably feel a level of frustration and alienation towards me. I know that, because I have felt that same feeling towards you.

And I’m tired of it. 

Honestly, Jesus said that we, his church, will be known by our Love- that the gates of hell will not prevail against us. But what’s happening? The body of Christ in America has very little love and very little power. (Correct me if I’m wrong.) 

I believe one of the greatest reasons why is because we have begun to look just like the world- we hate each other. 

This should not be. 

I am your sister in Christ. I am bought with the blood of Jesus and I am filled with His spirit. I want the Lord God to be glorified on the earth, just as He is in heaven. I am writing this to any- and all of you- who feel the same way, with this message: 

Let’s stop demonizing each other and tearing each other down. I believe there are serious issues in our generation that need to be addressed. Issues of sin and injustice and deception and… well, lots of things. But we will never really come to the root of them if we are aiming at each other. 

 I realize a lot of these issues- on race, gender, politics… they look really murky and the conversations have been heated and ugly. But for the sake of the love of the bride of Christ, I want to wade into them and see if we can’t somehow, from the sheer desire to be connected and to love one another, touch hands and find the solid rock together.

I suspect that you need my perspective and I need yours- and that without each other, we are body parts dismembered and each trying to function without each other. Bloody, limp limbs lying around not realizing what we would be like if we were still attached to each other. 

And so I’m coming to you in good faith asking if we can have some conversations about these issues that are built on the basis of commitment to each other. On the basis of “together, we are trying to discern the truth.” To that end, I’d like to ask you some of the hardest questions I’ve had about your point of view. I’m sorry if they feel offensive or loaded, or disrespectful. 

I’d genuinely like to know the answers. They are some of the reasons why I have been frustrated and alienated from your point of view. If I’m wrong about my perspective, and I’m in the wrong “camp,” I have genuinely no desire to stay here! I’m for truth! 

But honestly- I’m hoping that as much as I long for harmony and truth, you also want that- and that neither of us is coming with guns loaded trying to forcibly or deviously “outwit” the other, but instead, lovingly discern together what is the truth. In other words- I am willing to be persuaded, but I hope you are, too! 

That being all said. I’m going to post some questions and I would love to have a conversation. I believe in the church, I believe in the body of Christ, I believe in the Spirit revealing the will of God through the church loving each other and seeking Him. 

I’m going to post one question at a time for a little while, and respond as I can. I do usually take a little time to process and think. If you have questions for me, please email them! I will also try to respond to them, too. 

Thank you. 


Question One:

  1. What do you think the Lord is doing in our generation and especially in our nation? And what would you say is the role of the church in that? (also, Why?)

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  1. Thank you Brianna for putting so well into words the feelings I have had lately about the disbodiment of the church universal. During my growing up I felt that this disconnect was happening denominationally but I feel that the “us vs them” attitude has gone much deeper into the core of who we are called to be as believers.
    To answer your question on what I believe God is doing in our generation, I praise God for His steadiness within the storm. In Max Lucado’s book “In the Eye of the Storm” he talks alot about Jesus’ peaceful rest even when the storm was raging all around. Why was Jesus able to sleep through a “Cat. 9” storm? Simply put, he knew His Father had Him. I still feel that today. For the believer, God is there to see us through each and every storm that comes our way. And by storms I really mean conflicts. I struggle to remember and take to heart that truth. “He will never leave you, nor forsake you.” Especially when I am smoothly sailing along and BAM! get broadsided. It is almost like “I forgot He is in the boat.” I believe that what God is currently doing is calling to us that He is here, arms wide open to calm the cacauphony of wind and waves to give us that security. And from that security be able to speak into others lives the Truth of Salvation. What it means eternally and what it means temporaly.
    I keep coming back to Ephesians 4:2-3 “Be completely humble and gentle, be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every efoort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.”

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