I can’t stay silent

Listen, okay.


I’ve been having this burning, pressing feeling inside me for a little while, and I need to let this out.

We need to get our affairs in order. The thing is- okay, we can all feel it: the season is changing. Something is right on the horizon, and things will never be the same.

I don’t know what it is- but I feel it. I know that for generations, for thousands of generations, people have been saying: look! It’s coming! Jesus is coming! or look! It’s coming! War is coming! The Messiah is coming! Justice is coming!

And to be honest, it seems risky to be doing that again, to step out on a limb like a crazy person and say: “It’s coming, guys!”

But I guess I’m just a crazy person!!

I hear the Lord saying to me that the time is short- to fill our lamps, to be KNOWN by the bridegroom because we don’t want to be outside that gate when it’s shut.

I hear the Lord telling me to tell YOU to get your affairs in order! To sell all you have for the sake of the kingdom, to live like it’s coming in the morning- you know where he says: “…make friends for yourselves by means of unrighteous wealth, so that when it fails they may receive you into the eternal dwellings…” (Luke 16:9) It’s a confusing verse, in the parable of the shrewd manager, and it’s what the Lord is pulling out to me, right now… LISTEN!

None of us are righteous! None of us are ready, are we?? Are you pleased with your day, your heart, your life? Are you pleased with your giving??? Would you be thrilled to have your account pulled up, right now, before heaven??

John the Baptist said PREPARE THE WAY for the KING OF GLORY to come!! Make straight the paths!!

YOU GUYS I’M SAYING THE SAME THING! He’s on his way! The gates are swinging open and you do not want to be caught with your pants down!!

Do what you can, today, to drop your sinful, lazy ways and wash your filthy, bloody hands, because tomorrow is not guaranteed!!


Come on, I know you know I’m talking to myself- I’m preaching to myself. I’m one of you, I need to repent too. You know I know!

You know I love you, you know I know how GOOD God is- how forgiving and merciful and tender he is- how much he SPEAKS for injustice and the downtrodden, but I’m telling you! Those of us who KNOW this have to then LIVE like we’re his SERVANTS, LIVE OUR LIVES IN VIEW OF HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, not like the sinners we were, but like the people he has called us to be!!!





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