Making the Switch

Hey! I have some exciting- slash-sad news!

I’m switching genres.

I just LOVE going through the book of John. It’s doing so much good in my life! But at some point recently I discovered how fun it is to make audio recordings, and specifically- podcasts!

If you haven’t noticed or heard, the first seven posts from the book of John are now available on podcast. And I’ve been continually getting more and more available.

But today I did something totally new- I recorded a podcast with my sister and friend, Natasha Metzler, from

It’s on the next section of the book of John, chapter 5. And it turned out really cool.

And it just won’t translate into a written post!

I mean, I could try.

But I’m not going to.


Instead I’d like to invite you to switch genres with me. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn on a little 10 minute broadcast while you put away that load of laundry you’ve got sitting on the end of your bed?

Head on over to and you can subscribe there!

You can also probably search for Brianna Siegrist in your podcast app, if you already have one.

The Book of John series will have a new episode every monday, Wednesday, and Friday, as the Lord wills!

I’ll still write on this blog about other things, but to follow the book of John series, you’ll have to make the switch, too.

I hope you do!



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