I have very strong political opinions. Every day I see things on Facebook that I really support and every day I see things I really really disagree with. I want to type snarky comments contradicting people’s fallacies or post things that I might caption, “Take a look at THIS!”
But I don’t. Usually. Because the way I see it is that everyone is free to form their own opinions, and my political posting on Facebook will probably not do anything to influence the political state of our country. It will, however, influence the relationships I have in my life.
I do think there is a time to stand up for something. I have no desire to sit idly by while gross injustices happen.
But sometimes you have to acknowledge that you hugely disagree with the people you’re related to, the people you do business with, and the people you wave at when you’re out jogging. You have to acknowledge that, and still decide to be kind and civil to them, and still decide to have relationship with them.
Today, I want to stand up for something… for freedom. I want to stand for the right to be different. To have people in my country, in my community, in my family, and in my Facebook feed who have opinions and make decisions I completely don’t respect, and yet still respect them as people, and even value them. Because that’s really freedom. Not to be shamed, bullied, silenced, or unfriended for your opinions. Even if they’re strong. Even if they’re wrong.
I want to stand up for the right to talk about my political opinions without being pushed into a political camp or unfriended by people who were at my wedding. I want to stand up for the right to criticize people I will probably vote for, and to agree with a point made by a candidate I would avoid in a dark alley. And I want to stand up for your right to do that, too.
I want to stand up for freedom, and respect, and how wonderful it is that we are all different, and how beautiful it is when we live in harmony with one another.
Not unision. Not all matchy-matchy, everyone pick a side, put on a uniform, and find a furious chant to to yell louder than anyone else.
But constrasting, multi-faceted harmony. That’s really freedom.
That’s my strongest political opinion.

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